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Tampa Bay Attorney: (800) 984-9951

Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys

A personal injury claim may arise when you are injured, either physically or in some cases emotionally, by the negligence or the intentional act of another. Personal injuries are also referred to as "torts." Tort law is a branch of civil law. When a person has suffered a personal injury through the negligence of another person or company, they are generally entitled to recover monetary damages for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and other economic losses. In certain limited circumstances, the person suffering the injury can also recover punitive damages.

After a personal injury, it is important to follow these three steps in order to protect your legal rights to possibly filing a personal injury claim:

  1. Gather Information: Make sure to exchange information with the person or store at fault. Document witnesses and photograph the scene, injuries, and damages that occurred due to the accident.
  2. Seek Medical Attention: After a personal injury one should always seek medical attention. Having your injuries properly documented can also be a vital part in filing a personal injury claim.
  3. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer: The injured party may be unfamiliar with his/her legal rights. FL Legal Group's experienced trail lawyers may be able to help you understand your rights.

After a car accident, personal injury or wrongful death, you may have questions about what your rights are. FL Legal Group's Tampa personal injury lawyerscan answer your questions and will review your potential case and help determine if you have a personal injury claim to pursue compensation (money) from the negligent person or company that caused your injuries. If you have questions call: (800) 984-9951 today or fill out our contact us form (Contact Us).

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At the FL Legal Group, our goal is to provide cost-effective legal representation to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. In order to provide the highest quality representation, our practice is focused in the areas of Personal Injury Law, Personal Injury Protection (PIP or Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law), Commercial Transactions, Sink Hole Litigation, Insurance Law, Auto Injury Accidents, Appellate Law, and General Civil Litigation.

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